Icon Media Services

Documentary Videos

Icon Media Productinos’s mission is to bring positive transformation to communities through documentary videos which raise awareness about the issues that marginalized and discriminated people are facing. Our vision is a society in which everyone lives a life of dignity and equality. 

Promotional Videos

Icon Media Production will creatively re-shape your idea to deliver a compelling message to your target audience. If you have a service or a product that needs promotion, we will craft a video which sends the right message to the right people.

Corporate Videos

Our expertise involves documenting success. We will help you to tell a great story about your company that makes an emotional connection. Icon Media Production produces corporate videos which promote and disseminate information for businesses, embassies and NGO’s.


In addition to producing documentaries and promotional material ourselves, our mission includes equipping individuals to document and share their stories with the world. We do this by training people in film-making and in using social media platforms to share their perspectives with others.