About Icon Media

Who we are

Icon Media Productions is a fully licensed and registered limited liability video production company based in Cairo, Egypt. Since its foundation, the company has operated on non-profit principles, to benefit and support the work of charities and non-governmental organizations. Icon Media Productions works with a number of international development organizations to shed their light on critical issues facing Egypt and the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. Our productions particularly deal with issues of concern to the disadvantaged and marginalized, women, children, the elderly, and people with special needs in the Arab world. A number of its productions have won acclaim, as the video's appeared to be of significant help in their advocacy campaigns.


Icon Media Productions’ creative production staff have a unique ability to capture the essence of stories and campaigns, and to transform concepts into high impact productions that move the mind and spirit of viewers to become engaged in issues which will bring about a more just and equitable society.


With more than 17 years of experience (having produced and aired more than 3,500 hours of high quality video productions in the region), Icon Media Productions is known as the premiere independent production company serving the Arab world.