About Icon Media

Welcome Note

Welcome to the world of Icon Media Productions

Icon Media Productions produces video films, documentaries and promotional materials for community development organizations and businesses across the Arab world. We have a 17 year track record of proven success, and look forward to 'bringing light into the darkness of a man's heart' for many years to come. 


Icon Media Productions provides the right combination of talent, equipment and production infrastructure that is needed to meet the challenges of the fast-changing media production industry. With a dedicated staff and a network of quality freelance professionals, Icon Media Productions is the ideal partner to help you with the production and distribution of effective video productions. We also have specific expertise in developing effective advocacy campaigns and training programs based on video productions.


Please contact us if there is anything we can do for you. We are eager to help you communicating your message to the Arab world, or even far beyond.




Fadi Taher

Managing Director 


Icon Media Productions was created as a non-profit Limited Liability Corporation in 1997. It is said we are a pioneer in Egypt’s independent media production industry. Icon Media Productions’ staff and leadership believe that socially responsible media can deeply transform the very lives of the people in the Arab world. We continuously reflect on the principles the company started with almost 20 years ago. These are based on:  human rights, equality and dignity for all. 

The Vision of Icon Media

Icon Media Productions is a company of people who share a common vision. That vision is a society where everyone - men and women, young and old, rich and poor, strong and weak - are able to lead a dignified life.  In that society every person will be able to develop their talents and have their social and economic needs met. In that society all people participate as equally respected citizens, living in a community of freedom and justice. The professionals at Icon Media Productions are committed to realizing this vision in their productions, in their daily work, and in their relationships inside and outside the company.

Who we are

Icon Media Productions is a fully licensed and registered limited liability video production company based in Cairo, Egypt. Since its foundation, the company has operated on non-profit principles, to benefit and support the work of charities and non-governmental organizations. Icon Media Productions works with a number of international development organizations to shed their light on critical issues facing Egypt and the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. Our productions particularly deal with issues of concern to the disadvantaged and marginalized, women, children, the elderly, and people with special needs in the Arab world. A number of its productions have won acclaim, as the video's appeared to be of significant help in their advocacy campaigns.


Icon Media Productions’ creative production staff have a unique ability to capture the essence of stories and campaigns, and to transform concepts into high impact productions that move the mind and spirit of viewers to become engaged in issues which will bring about a more just and equitable society.


With more than 17 years of experience (having produced and aired more than 3,500 hours of high quality video productions in the region), Icon Media Productions is known as the premiere independent production company serving the Arab world.

What we do

Our experience in interpreting trends in the media marketplace enables us to produce videos and documentaries that have immediate impact, yet remain relevant for the longest possible lifespan. We create documentary video's, promotional video's, corporate video's and video trainings (see 'Service' in the menu).


Through every phase of production, Icon Media Productions maintains contact with its clients to ensure that the goals and objectives of the production meet both the vision and the budget. At Icon Media Productions, clients always approve concepts, treatments and story lines before segments are filmed. We have the ability to translate scripts and related materials in French, German and English (e.g., when subtitling is required).  Arabic is only one of more than 20 languages spoken in homes across the Arab world making subtitling from Arabic to other regional languages (and vice versa) increasingly important. Each year, Icon Media Productions produces video productions that are fully subtitled or dubbed into Arabic dialects and other languages.

Your Partners in Production

Icon Media Productions has the capacity and the network to serve your needs anywhere in Arab world. We have vast experience in meeting the video production needs of all different kinds of organizations and have established a reputation for creativity, quality, cost control. Working with international broadcasters and film producers, leading multi-national corporations, universities, and private producers, Icon Media Productions is ready to meet your needs on time and within budget for any type of video production. Whether your need is for a promotional video, training course, documentary or drama, Icon Media Productions would be proud to serve you.